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Ball Goggles™ - The Golf Ball Finding Glasses, with Green Drawstring Microfiber Case

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Specialty blue lens eyewear brightens white objects like your golf balls in order to make them easier to find. Golf balls appear to GLOW in the daylight. Save yourself hours of searching, hundreds of dollars, and a whole lot of frustration over lost golf balls! 

  • Darkens most grass, plants, shrubs, rough, bushes, sand, marsh, flower beds, trees, roots, dirt, clay, and even shallow water so that your bright golf ball "pops out"
  • Works with all white or fluorescent-colored golf balls
  • Comes in a microfiber drawstring carrying pouch

A little about our return policy...

Don't like them? Send them back. We donate returned eyewear in good condition to local high school golf teams. Read more here