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BIG BALLS Golf Training Aid for Putting

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Putting is a critical skill that can make or break your golf round! PGA Tour players sink on average 92% of four foot putts. How many two, three, and four foot putts have you missed lately?

Big Balls is a simple but effective training tool to improve your short putts. They are 30% bigger than traditional golf balls but offer the same weight, feel, and roll as the golf balls you play with.

Before your round or while you're practicing (if you do that sort of thing), throw your Big Balls down on the putting green and warm up with at least a dozen 2 to 6 foot putts, but no more than twenty.

When you go back to your ProV1, it will feel like you are putting a marble into a bucket! After only a dozen putts with the Big Balls you will get instant feedback and be on your way to sinking every 2 to 6 foot putt that stands in your way of breaking 80!

Or 90... 

Or 100...